shoe been a wanderin', back round agin. lotsa bowls in the pipes lads, hang tite.

in vivid color!

let it flow, let yerself go..

a kinda chilly spring fridaye nite oot in the mitaka, slobby party people breakin off the work for some grub n suds, some OLs wanderin home, gaddam wind just won't lay up.

shoe parked it outta the way in the ichien, spotted a week or so before. mom n pop place, kindly old folks runnin a slow show, radio on the swimmin' competition, some OL type slowly workin' away on a bowl. lotsa homemade signs for all the menu shtuff, little too bright for the shoe, but radiating "homey".

shoe went for the "ichien", only 470 yen, wotta deal. pop went to work on the pans, mom offered up a selection o' newspapers. shoe just settled in, zoned oot for a bit, then got to work on the bowl when it came, in its own good time.

nothing out of place here, mildish shoyuu, the egg underperformed, the chashew overperformed. lotsa men-ma. noodles of the yellowish and generic variety, nothin' wrong wit that in a bowl like this.

shoe gots up to leave, an mom, seein' that shoe snapped a piccie, asked "do you like ramen?" to which shoe replied like a wee grade sixling, "yes! very much!"

three rockin' chairs for the ichien. innat sweet?

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up in yer crawl space..

near shoe hovel, the ganzo strait outta hokkaido sits. 'tis a tiny place, wit barely enough room to get yer elbows up onna counter. shoe hit this place up for some lunchin'.

shoe was a-ready to git the miso, seein' as it was a hokkaido B an all, but then he changed his mind.. ganzo is soo small, >how small is it?<, it's soo small that shoe hadta go ootside to change his mind YOK YOK HARRR. ahh.. well there wan't any miso left actually but neva mind, ASS.

so shoe hit the loaded shoyuu, an' the boogers runnin the pans got busier. they wuz all a-shufflin' round the closet, gettin in and oot of each other's way, slappin it all together. ya kinda gets the feelin' theyre makin' it up as they go along, but 'oo knows?

not much to say about the B itself, fellas. curly yellow noodlin', wee bit too much moyashi, nabad egg. everythin standard issue, not too flavafull, not too bland, went down ay-yight. thats two B's in a row now!

three frontier outposts for the ganzo.

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a quickie

Shoe turned right, when he oughta shoulda turned left. he walked a ways, searching, yearnin'. the call had come, an it was sayin' "get some food in yerself, quicklike." no time for gettin' all a sit down an loiterin', but yet too much time to just grab one o they dodgy sang-wiches from the conbini. whats a poor shoe ta do?

set hisself up wit a hakata B, thats what. the marukin, in the kiba. this was a flash grab an dash bowl, which is pretty easy to do wit the skinny noodles n all. as far as hakata bowls go, it was in the upper meh range, not exactly dy-namic or a-mazin. shoe did sqeak in a kaedama none-the-less, jus cos.

three fillin' stations for the marukin.

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end it all.

sensuous. (sen-shoo-ush) adj. : Relating to, suggestive of, or appealing to sense gratification

hooly shee-it shoe has run inta the Bowl of the YEAR. JIRO, in the motherfuckin' sengawa, laid shoe the shit oot wit a mauling crosscut. here's how it happened..

shoe had his eye on this joint, what wit all they boogers always hangin oot the front, trying to get in and all like they wanted to eat. an so it came ta be that shoe had the chance to give it a go.. an lucky ass shoe he wuz cuz they was only one skinny sweaty booger in front o shoe in the line.

then a voice come a boomin' from the shoppe, "ANY OOMORI COONTS OOT THERE?" he says.. 'NAYE!' shoe squeaked. wtf?

shoe had a looksee at the vendin machine options. we gots the ramen, the pork-in ramen, then a mad combo o' increasiningly ree-dickulus volumes o pork n noodles. shoe went for the modest ramen, pork IN. shoe then squirted up to the counter, the joint reekin o pepper n garlick. two hardworkin' muthas were rockin the pans, scoopin out great PILES o noodles and MOUNDS of moyashi n fixins.

jiro is a workin' man's paradise. word to wise, the bowls are MONSTER. "garlick?" the hardworkin' mutha asked. naye. shoe's B when it came was big, but it was teeny compared to the skinny sweaty booger next to him. THAT bowl was a quibbly jibbly mass o noodles n porky shtuff. jiro is all about they noodles, likes. an you gets plenty o' them. thick as udon, and tastee as fuck. soup? what the fuck is that? shoe snapped a quick piccie, an dived in. by the time shoe got near the end o the B, the SSB next to 'im had just got the noodles down to the bowl-line. volume ex-po-nential, like. oh, an the pork? massive, fellas, massive. like as in shoe gots a whole block o the shtuff all to hisself. five or six slabs, thick as a ciggie case, bigger than yo mama's brown dime.

it took a while, but shoe got outta there in one piece, juice dribblin down his chin, a snotty nose an stretch marks on his belt. he then cracked oot three great farts to the delight o the small phalanx o punters a-waitin outside (seemed like nite o the livin' dead during the bowl, with people all slowly accumulatin', peering in the windows.)

three giant mass-o-humanity towers wit freakin' tentacles n' shit inna middle o a crackin' thunderstorm for the jiro. ROCK \m/

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shoe has been minin' the kichijoji for some time now, so it was a refresshin' break to get a bowl in another town for a change.

here we gots a fine fine bowl in the mitaka, the nanairo. it's always got some boogers linin' up out the front, an it was no diff the nite shoe pulled up wit the shoe-rocket.

small, but friendly, the dudes at nanairo are pretty quiet, runnin the show like swiss automatons. shoe got in a great bowl, nice egg, thick n mellow, an the onions onna top didnt even bug the shoe all that much, despite the mephitic lurk

three rainbows n unicorns for nanairo. whee!

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sluggin it

last week shoe had a late nite, an was lookin to get in a quick bowl before headin back to shoe hovel. there it was, the tenka-ippin. shoe had never evar set foot in the tenka-ippin. tenka-ippins are everywhere, an up ta now shoe has turned his nose up at 'em, but this time he broke down an went in for a fix.

two choices, the kotteri or assari. shoe went kotteri, natch, but didnae expect just how freakin' thick this shit was.

yea gods! pure snotty glop! dorodoro all the way it was. flavourwise it wasnt too bad, but the sloppy muck was the only thing that shoe had on his wee mind..

a cheeky beer an a plate o' salty chahan later, shoe was a-filled up to brim, goop levels proper.

three unknown comics for this B, wotta hoot!

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right outta bangkok

thee shadyswamp graced shoe wit some snappy summer duds.. the wiggid wee ramen tee

perty snappy eh?

partee wit the bear

born on a mountaintop in kichijoo-ji
killed a bear when twas only three..

shoe was a-hosting the shadyswamp, an spent a loong time wanderin', lookin for a good bowl on the recommendation o' one o' the natives, the hifumi. alas, shoe failed an settled for a bowl at ajigen kumamatsuri..

on a nice wintry day, the bigass bowl o miso was a welcome sight. ajigen's bowl looks mighty fine, an when youre a lookin at the bowl yer a thinkin, "man, this B is goin DOWN!"

shoe hit it, hard. slocked that B down fastlike. gone in a flash. twas a big bowl, an much like wrasslin bears, shoe was a sweatin' afterwards.. soup box standard, thick n curly noodles, passable chahsew an egg, an the wee onion shavings onna top didnae matter much..

so what to say aboot the B overall? well, it looked good, it filled the shoe up, did what it needed ta, no questions asked..

three blow up dollies for the ajigen kumamatusri

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this is hard core

ya heerd it here 17th, boogers! there is a new ramen era upon us..

shoe's required readin for the month is in. an damn, shoe is soo tiny in they ramen universe, likes.

have a look at these ramen mofo blogs. we gots the マーコさん blog, wit 251 bowls for 2006.

next up is あまさん, lookin' at 303 Bs.

rank UP - 小○さん(first spotted by the TNS), a crazy-ass 333 Bs in 2006.

but then we gots ramen bo-log champ しらすさん wit 455 stoopid Bs for 2006 alone! dat be 5-6 Bs a day, peeps!

shoe has his work cut oot for him, love.


tora tora tora. shoe wandered in on a less-than chilly nite, kichijoji it was. the ninki-nanba-wan was the ninniku genkotsu, so shoe figgered that this was a gonna be a stank mouf spec-tacle, wit tora bringin the flavour. but it wan't so, HARUMPF.

first off, the bird at the counter was all a smirky like, not botherin' to aks the shoe what kinda noodle hardness he wanted..naff! woteva. jus' bring the B, an stand back.

k, tora's not that good, fellas. ya gots yer weak-ass soup, for one. lookit that piccie there, in all its grayness.. jus' none o that UMAMI. they gots some sorta extra juice onna counter so that ya can flavour it up, what's up wit that? it said a couple o' loops over the bowl. shoe did that, an then it turned into salt-city. gee-yad. the noodles were pretty inoffensive, an the chashew was middlin', but it was the egg that got the shoe's hackles up in arms.. some shitty egg, boogers! like they just boiled the mutherfucker right thru! wheres the flavour, tora?

shoe got hisself outta there, wit another smirk from the bird behind the counter kickin' him onna ass out inta the street.

three pongs for a two dimensional bowl. bully!

shippin' in 2007

the hatsu-'men for 2007, the menzo in the kichijoji. shoe hit hit this B a week ago, he had a bowl comin to him an his eye was on the menzo for the couple o weeks befo'.

menzo kinda looks like the ramen joint that yer bestest bud set up all on his lonesome, likes, wit the mellow in-teer-ior an the homey hip-hop on the pipes. nice n chilled, but 'nary a booger in sight slurpin' on the counter.. hmm.. had shoe chosen poorly?

well, they say hunger is the best sauce, an shoe had plenny of the sauce. but it was the smell that threw the works into overdrive.. the smell! waow, 'twas a good one, all kinda tart n almost cheese-ly, like some powdry cheese, but not quite. anyhoo, it was workin'.

shoe went for the shoyuu over the miso, chashew version wit the egg onna top. great egg. the soup was all a heavy n mellow, which kinda fit the inside. that smell? just wasn't in the bowl for some reason, but that didnae matter too much.

apparently the menzo's got a twin sista on the south side, a light one wit the assari soup. interestin' that they split the soup between the shoppes like that, good one, mezo.

three macrame wall hangins for the menzo.

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